Pipe Technology

Ningbo Aupul pipe industry Technology Ltd.is committed to the development and application of pipeline technology, mainlyengaged in the nondestructive detection of PE gas pipeline, water pipeline,natural gas pipeline, and nuclear power pipelines and sales of the relatedequipment. It’s a comprehensive service company that ties the two together.Through nearly 15 years of research, we overcame problems of defect detectionand safety assessment to polyethylene and its composite pipe with ZhejiangUniversity, formed Independent intellectual property rights technology groupwhich take 20 national invention patents (authorized 12) and an American PCT asthe core, and formulated a nondestructive testing standard, a safety assessmentof national standard and a monograph. At present, internationally, there areonly three units which have the ability of safety detection to polyethylene andits composite pipe: American Northwestern Pacific National Laboratory (PNNL),the British Welding Research Institute (TWI) and Ningbo Aupul pipe industryTechnology Ltd..


Ningbo Aupul pipe industry equipment notonly has the better detection accuracy and the signal to noise ratio than thesimilar foreign products, but also overcomes the international problems of thecold welding detection and safety assessment of defects in joint. It is at theinternational leading level, and won the provincial and ministerial leveltechnology invention award, China Patent Excellence Award and science andtechnology award and so on.


We will establish testing center  including a set of quality, standards,metrology, basic physical and chemical experiment, real experiments and so on,too. We will provide accurate inspection test results for nuclear power, petroleum,chemical industry, municipal administration, ocean, aerospace and other fields.We will provide solid data support for the protection of the quality ofpipeline industry in China.The vision of the testing center is to become a performance research, qualityinspection, certification and Arbitration Center of tubing orpiping which has influence on the home and abroad.


The company not only focuses on R & Dand manufacturing of equipment and related software products, but better atcustomers tailored to provide professional, personalized overall solution andinspection and testing services.

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